NAM 2011 — On the Lookout for Cosmologists

(Apologies to the non-cosmologists and non-Brits who won’t find much of interest in the following.)

This year’s UK National Astronomy Meeting will be held 17-21 April, in Llandudno, North Wales. In the usual way of British “seaside resorts” (scare quotes are certainly appropriate for that phrase) Llandudno sticks frighteningly out into the Irish Sea but, you never know, it might actually seem like Springtime when we gather there.

In any event, there is a lot of astronomy going on in the UK, so NAM is a pretty big meeting, with significant communities working on everything from our solar system out to intergalactic space and the Universe as a whole. To help cover those large scales, I’m organizing a series of sessions on Cosmology, and there are still some open slots for any UK scientists. I would especially love to have lots of input from students and young postdocs looking to show off their work.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is this Friday — please join us in Wales next month!