Bush endorses crackpots

I apologize in advance that this is going to be one of those instances of the blogosphere acting as an echo chamber, but I must at least comment on President George W Bush's latest statements that the so-called ideas of the crackpot crypto-creationist Intelligent Design community should be taught alongside evolution in American schools.

Let me also use this opportunity to hurl insults and invective at investor and "futurist" George Gilder who should be blacklisted for siding with the Intelligent Design crackpots.

There are plenty of worthwhile websites and books recounting the myriad reasons why Intelligent Design is an utterly baseless, unscientific, and just plain wrong piece of crackpot pseudoscience, and why every single one of its criticisms of evolution are either wrong or irrelevant.

Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion. But not all opinions are equally worthy: expertise counts.